Academic Journal Index


Indexing is a process in which indices are created to enable researchers to quickly reach the desired record for record keeping. Indexing is an important parameter for increasing the visibility of any Research Journal. Thus, maximum researchers can reach out to discover new ideas and opportunities in sciences.

The index is continuously improved by integrating more resources. AJI is one of search engines for academic resources. The full texts of the indexed documents could be services for Open Access.

AJI provides quality information to the researcher offering academic database services. It's main aim citation indexing, analysis, and maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals, books, proceedings and any approved documents. AJI maintains academic database services to researchers, journal editors and publishers. It mainly focuses on Indexing, categorizing, and ranking of journals. All Journals details could be available in AJI such as web pages, scopes of journal style, requirements acceptance/rejection rates, publication frequencey, indexing details of journals.

Journals are performed according to acceptance and rejection Rates as well. Results of analysis are listed frequently Low Acceptance Rate, High Rejection Rate Journals.

Academic Journal Index is a service to index the metadata of all kinds of academical resources such as journals, institutional repositories, digital collections, conference etc. It a platform to provide indexing to all types of on-line and off-line journals to get international visibility of research and also provide impact factor to the journal to improve journal visibility in the world of research.

It is a completely free service to index any journal in the world.


  • Journal Indexing Service,
  • Conference / Workshop Indexing Service
  • Report Fake and Missed Journals
  • Refine Your Search Results
  • Create your personal account for Quick Access magazines
  • Set Alerts to Your Favorite Magazines
  • Comprehensive Journal Classification
  • AJI indexing certificates

AJI Helps the user find a suitable international journal to publish their work. All indexed journals can be found in all search engines, online libraries, social media, etc. to find academic researchers under one platform.

Selection Criteria

  • The journal must have ISSN / e-ISSN
  • The journal must publish at least two issue.
  • The regularity of the journal in publishing is mandatory.
  • The journal should support outputs as XML format.